Pay As You Feel


Toothache is no fun.  So whether you have no money or loads of money -  that toothache is still a killer. The Real Junk Tooth Project is intended solely to help those in pain.

We only provide pain relief and are not an alternative to normal dental care services.

The 'Pay As You Feel' principle means that if you cannot afford to pay then there is no obligation to do so.

​If you are able to make a financial contribution then a payment of £10 (or whatever else you can afford) would go towards the consumable items and anaesthetics used by the service.

​If you have an income but just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time to access your normal dentist then please pay the normal rate. All funds go towards supporting the project and helping others to get rid of their pain too.


If you can't afford to pay but want to make a contribution then volunteering your time, or maybe your business services can all be useful. Just leave your name, phone number and/or email with your dentist and ask them to pass it on. We can probably find something useful for you to give a few hours work to another community project.