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The Real Junk Tooth Project

The Real Junk Tooth Project

The Real Junk Tooth Project is intended to provide relief from pain for those whose quality of life is affected by their inability to access dental services for whatever reason.

This is frequently the case for those on low or no income and for vulnerable members of society.  It might also apply to those who simply find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and unable to access their usual dentist.

Whatever the circumstances, The Real Junk Tooth Project is about getting rid of the pain and improving quality of life.

A first, pilot, project is being launched in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire to test the idea.  The pilot project is supported by local dentists who are volunteering their time for free in order to provide pain relief.

How To Get Rid Of Your Toothache

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Simply go to the surgery during project open hours. 

These are usually after normal hours at the surgery of the contributing dentists.  There are no appointments.

The arrangements are very simple in order to keep costs to a minimum.  Patients can contribute to costs depending on their circumstances using the principle of 'Pay As You Feel'.  If you can't afford to pay then the treatment is free.  All payments go to recover the cost of consumables and anaesthetics used during treatment.

The pilot project will test whether these very basic, low cost, arrangements can work in practice, the degree of take-up of the service and in a situation where many of the likely users may not be tuned in to the usual communications channels, how the service can best be communicated to those in need.

The project is being supported by the international dental charity Dentaid, by the Real Junk Food Project who's concepts and local Dewsbury volunteers sparked the dental project idea and by ViPromotions, a social enterprise providing marketing services to the community, charity and voluntary sectors.